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David Cory is a dynamic keynote presenter. He presents his knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, and its application to business, with stage presence and a charismatic speaking ability.

Presentations are always customized for the specific needs of audiences. These presentations can focus on Emotional Intelligence Skill Development; Introduction to Emotional Intelligence; Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, Team Effectiveness and more.

While David is also known for his children’s music and his international award nominated CD of original children’s songs, David began performing meaningful adult songs with his guitar in conference and business presentations. He found that music is a unique medium which allows participants to reflect, be entertained, relax, learn and be challenged. Ironically, music elicits emotions far more than speaking! David found that he is able to choose songs appropriate for a wide variety of topics for a wide variety of audiences. Presentations can be with or without music – your choice.

To discuss how any of these presentations could be customized to meet the needs of your particular organization or conference, please contact David.